The management of the Academy is incumbent on a director. The requirement is the person’s qualification for holding judicial office. The appointment is for a limited period of time. The term of office is generally three years, extensions are admissible.
It is a matter of concern to the sponsors of the German Judicial Academy, to demonstrate the federal character even externally. Therefore, the director is replaced after a definite period of time. All federal states should have an opportunity to delegate a director. There is no special order in which the federal states delegate a director. The decision always depends on the candidates.

The director is in charge of the two conference centres. The official duties must be performed on an appropriate scale at both conference centres. The tasks of the director consist in counselling the programme conference with regard to the preparation of the annual programme, in coordinating the daily routine at both conference centres, and in supporting the states that organise a conference with respect to the planning and execution thereof. Furthermore, an annual report regarding the work of the conference centre is to be drawn up and proposals for new further training concepts must be submitted. In addition, the director is the head of the government agency and in charge of public relations work. Apart from the director, both conference centres have a manager of administration.
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