Welcome to the German Judicial Academy’s homepage!

The German Judicial Academy is Germany's leading institution for training judges from all branches of jurisdiction, as well as public prosecutors, from all parts of the country. Through its work at its centres in Trier and Wustrau, the Academy makes a significant contribution to maintaining unity of law in our federal constitutional state.

Every year, nearly 5,000 judges and public prosecutors attend seminars held by the German Judicial Academy. This affords them the opportunity not only to exchange experience and gain information about new developments in legislation and recent court decisions, but also to acquire additional expertise – for example regarding political, social or economic developments.

We are hopeful of offering you useful information about our work, the current conferences and the two conference sites. If you would like to give us your opinion or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always delighted to hear your feedback.

With best regards,
Oliver Servas

Director of the German Judicial Academy

Deutsche Richterakademie - Tagungsstätte Trier: trier(at)deutsche-richterakademie.de - Tagungsstätte Wustrau: wustrau(at)deutsche-richterakademie.de